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Are politicians truly aware?

We at ICERSERVE24 believe that a population-centric approach applied to political campaigns like what is currently taking place in the UK, can uncover the dynamics that shape the opinion of different demographic groups, as well as perceptions, beliefs, and more importantly voting behavior. This approach has the potential to uncover the issues that impact individuals daily, so politicians can effectively manage catastrophic events like the Manchester bombing in a way that not only addresses the practical and security issues, but also safeguard’s social cohesion, continuity and resilience. Through understanding the core values that shape perceptions across diverse demographic groups (e.g., race, religion, gender, and ethnicity) politicians could have the ability to effectively communicate to their constituents in a consistent manner, reinforce the core message of their campaign, and shape the electorates’ perceptions on important topics and key policies. The current situation of being disconnected from the social reality that voters experience, has a detrimental effect on maintaining social cohesion, enhancing social solidarity, designing and implementing meaningful and valuable policies and practices. The disillusionment and lack of trust that people experience, translates as apathy, ignorance, isolation in a time where societies need to rise to face multiple threats and challenges. As we say, in ICESERVE24, nothing matters like ground truth and this has the ability to transform the current perception of “disconnected elite politician” to “understanding public servant” and influence political decisions and election results to bring about a better, stronger, sustainable community for all. Bring forth, a clearer, focused, meaningful message that conveys ideas, motivates and inspires into valuable action! Engage us to learn more at

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