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Female, Fierce, Efficient and Covert Presence

In a male dominated profession, female CPO continue to be in high demand throughout the region.  Female agents are valued for their covert presence, precision and low-key demeanor. We recognize this need for highly trained female agents and continue to encourage women from all walks of life to explore this exciting, challenging and rewarding career in executive protection. With so many decisions that we are asked to make every day, simple choices like picking a route to work, deciding to cross the street at any given time, to overtake the vehicle in front of us, to let the children out for some fun in the park... Most of the people will never stop to think all the risks that are associated with all the different actions, they will stay blissfully oblivious to the threats that emerge and will never consider the negative outcomes, until they actually become the reality they have to deal with.

On the other hand, can we really blame people for that? What is their alternative? Worrying every single moment about all the things that they can’t control, but can still go wrong? Let them dwell in agony or despair, locked away, unable to enjoy even the simplest things?

Certainly not! However, the solutions offered by any Risk Management practitioner need to be well adjusted to the cultural, historical, political and financial situation on the ground and also tuned into the particular characteristics, wishes, preferences of the individual or family we are tasked to protect.

Keeping that in mind, it should come as no surprise that female CPOs have always been an integral part of the security solutions we offer our clients, and these highly skilled professionals are valued for their substantial contribution in keeping people safe without compromising their life choices and their overall lifestyle.

Discreet, unobtrusive, experienced, these CPOs can offer an outstanding level of service without infringing on cultural and religious sensitivities. Both locally and abroad, they can be a valuable addition to any Risk Mitigation plan, especially for families of high profile individuals who may be targeted by a variety of individuals and/or groups.

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