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How can value realized today reshape tomorrow? What does creating long-term value mean?

For the Al Thuraya tribe, it means giving them the experiences, training, skills, and support they need to build a career that is unique to them.

I am here where all things started for Al Thuraya Consultancy (ATC): in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates (UAE). I am reflecting on so many things, how I met my late wife here, the connection I made, and how we, as an organization, have helped many companies build and enter the markets.

We are here supporting a major sports league and showcasing an awesome experience of a basketball event with two great teams.

Value of Human

Creating long-term value for ATH people also means keeping them safe. At the outset of the war in Ukraine this year, our immediate focus was on helping ATH colleagues and customers who wanted to leave and those who had to, or chose to, stay. ATC, ICE24, and ICESERVE24 crisis and mobility teams worked in tandem to provide transport, accommodation, food, and medical care.

Despite all of the technological advances or even pandemics, little has changed over the last 20 years in the way we approach success and capacity building. We embraced early on that we need to change the way we evolve. Our research into our diverse cultural approach inside our companies and our work with our customers suggests that the complex factors that can influence success or failure are rooted in human behavior – specifically, emotional behavior. With people at the center of your ethos, you can double your success and demonstrate empathy to help.

We also work with like-minded organizations — government bodies, non-profits, and multinational corporations— to achieve together what no single organization could achieve alone. For example, this year, we expanded the relationship with companies wanting or currently operating in Africa to increase social equity in the digital economy, providing training and building local capacity and skills development opportunities to support millions of people to enter or re-enter the workforce.

For clients, we create long-term value by building trust and transparency in business. We innovate, collaborate globally, and embed human connection and technology into everything we do. We continue to bring the best of ATH (Al Thuraya Consultancy, Al Thuraya Academy, ICE24, ICESERVE24, Ocho Energy, and Firestarter Collective) sector knowledge and our ecosystem of alliances to meet clients’ increasingly complex needs, particularly around their transformation challenges and help them adjust to a fast-changing and dynamic world.

The future of Success

Measuring and reporting on our progress, beyond the financial results, is an important way for us to hold the organization accountable to the ATH purpose, strategy, ambition, and the individual commitments we make to colleagues, clients, and society. It also shows us where we need to improve.

We have an exciting future ahead. As announced at the beginning of September, we have added the Firestarter collective to the ATH family of companies.

I am proud of the leadership and bold course ATH is charting. I look forward to the opportunities ahead and continue our work with people at the center of everything.

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