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Image analysis or social photo clustering analysis

Did you know that users share more than 3 billion images every day? Ever wonder what kind of content is in them? Have you ever looked behind the obvious? A wealth of latent visual context goes unnoticed, although it may contain visual imagery pertinent to a brand, simply because it lacks a text reference that would make it appear in searches. Is your brand, product, advocate, services revamped with a negative or positive connotation throughout the universe of Social Media? Are there opportunities you are missing just because you lack awareness of visual representations referring to your logo, brand, products, or services?

Imagine how much more could be done if one could analyze scenes, objects, actions, faces and logos to decipher meaning! If you think that these capabilities belong to the future, think again! EventPro & ICESERVE24 offer an innovative marketing solution based on image analysis capabilities combined with enhanced social media content & context analysis.

Go beyond logo recognition, and target your marketing campaigns more efficiently, drive product innovation, identify influencer's, shape public opinion, shape commercial realities! Utilize our unique service to showcase affinities and virtual networks; explore alternative or innovative uses of your products, drive consumption, reach further and deeper into the social web.

The future is visual and bright! Join us to shed the light

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