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Renewable energy across Africa

For Africa, there is vast potential in economic and social development. In conjunction with Al Thuraya Consultancy, Ocho Energy, an Al Thuraya Holdings (ATH) subsidiary, supports our clients with social risk and proactive mitigation in the African market.

 In order for the continent to realize its full potential, it will need to develop a powerful power infrastructure capable of delivering affordable, clean energy and sustaining adequate and consistent development. As Africa moves forward in its energy potential, Ocho Energy is poised to support the African market to deliver continuous and effective market-driven approaches.

 At Ocho Energy, we see that market-driven innovation should be embraced and encouraged. The private sector has proven its potential to drive technological competition, while the private sector can lead the driver behind sustainable solutions that drive socioeconomic policies. One cannot successfully operate without the other’s guidance – and continuing to do so, will render the continent without the viable opportunities that would allow it to flourish.

 ATH sees a world in which the private sector can support the private sector to

. Develop solutions to vast energy challenges swiftly, efficiently and more competitively

. Boost technological and business-oriented modernization

. Enhance trust and efficacy in modern solutions

. Create an atmosphere for socially- accountable policies and innovation

. Drive innovation and policies to the world’s most at-need and vulnerable societies 


Potential for this vast continent is immense. With the right resources, applied to some of the world’s most demanding challenges, Africa will be able to serve its populous more effectively. Join us at Ocho Energy to help bringing an international model to the local, grassroots level. 

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