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The (Unusual) Season Greetings

It is the season to be jolly it seems, and as such, it is often riddled with trivialities and commonalities.

Year after year we share our wishes, either as business entities or as executives; with little variation, we wish for happiness, success, good health, prosperity, and the materialization of hopes and dreams.

I would be lying if I said I have not been on both the receiving and the sending end of these

Sure, they are an expression of civility, cordiality, and political correctness, but they do little to ease the burden of those suffering or to share in the success of those who "made it" this year.

They do little for those who battle with loss, who are enveloped in grief, the disappointed, the disenchanted, the ones who seamlessly support our way of life from the bottom to the top.

So, this year, I wish to address all those people around me who are having a tough time in sharing the joy amidst the chaos and let them know that there is no Adversity that cannot be conquered, and that sadness, grief, loss, and fear are not enemies, but opportunities to go deeper within we, gain in self-awareness, in compassion, in commitment, in perseverance.

In a world riddled with Risks, we can be both safe and secure and we can rise above and beyond the setbacks, the crises, the problems; by being mindful, aware, and ready to form meaningful relationships with those around us.

Ready to extend our hand, ready to give and to receive, not only the joyous and the favorable but also those who challenge us, those who fight us, the adversaries with which we travel together, striving to improve, striving to adapt, striving to thrive.

To all of you who supported us, to all of you who challenged us, to all of you who extended your hand in friendship, and to all of you who antagonized us, rest assured that we are better, stronger, and more committed than ever to continue in our personal and professional quests to make this world a better and safer place!

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